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Here is the rest of the BOARD PREPARATION METHOD:
1)Take 5 parts of Bombay chalk mix with 2 parts of French chalk in approximately 1 1/2 liter water.
2)After mixing well,filter it through muslin cloth.
3)Leave this filtered water to settle down for about 4 hours and then drain the water on the top.
Repeat this again after 2-3 hours.
We will get fine paste sort of sediments,which is called MUG.This what is used for the TANJORE PAINTING.
Now that we have seen the base for board preparation and rest of it next will be ARABIC GUM PREPARATION.
In India Arabic gum is sold in form of small chunks but in US its sold in the form of liquid gum.So this step is for those in India.
1)Soak Arabic gum chunks in water and stir in now and then to dissolve it.
2)Once this gets dissolved filter it twice .Its ready to use now.
Here comes the main board preparation.(nowadays prepared board is also sold in arts stores.)
(Some one asked me about using canvas .I am not sure if that will have the same effect . You will know the reason when you go through this preparation steps.)
1)Mix 3 parts of mug and 1 part of fevicol and little water(may be 1/2 tsp)along with Red Oxide or Yellow Oxide or Turmeric powder to make a paste(like dosa batter consistency)
2)Coat this paste on the earlier prepared board (http://mycraft-passion.blogspot.com/2008/06/tanjore-painting.html)using Flat(50mm)brush.let it dry well.
3)Once it dries do the second coating.paint(with the paste)it horizontally and then spread it vertically.(hope i am saying it clearly...if not please send me a note. i will try to clarify it again)
NOTE:Paint it gently so that the brush lines are not visible.
4)Once this coating dries well repeat this coating again 3 to 5 times.
5)Once this dries next step comes polishing...
Use a paint bottle or any similar thing to scrub and polish (just like how we do for smoothing wood using sand paper.)
next comes painting...

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