This is one of those dolls that attracted many kids and freaked couple of them.This used to be my favorite when I did this and that's the reason why I chose to do this for  a tv kid program when they launched it. This was long back...I used to teach and sell in chennai kuralagam and aft my marriage I did this for my husband's niece and she kept it so safely ,Sweet girl ❤️. I was able to get that to
upload it in YouTube.
So coming to procedure it's very simple.

Fur cloth(medium or short)
Thread no 10 (in India)
Felt  cloth for mouth and foot
Fiber for stuffing
Pair of eyes
Wooden reaper 


1) Cut 2 circles each 7 1/2 cm for body,2 circles 7 cm for head, 2 circles  in fur and 2 circles in felt each 5 1/2 cm for foot.

2) Cut 2 pieces 14 cm by 4 cm for leg.And one piece 2cm by 4 1/2 cm for neck.

3) Stitch  the body piece with wrong sides together using buttonhole stitch and leave small gap for stuffing with fiber and turn it inside out( right side of fur) and stuff with fiber and Close using button hole stitch.
4) Do similarly the head and foot pieces too.

5)For the neck turn to wrong side and stitch side 'A' using button hole. Turn it inside out to right side of fur and stitch other 2 sides.similarly the stitch the legs.

6)Now stitch the beak part same way turning to wrong side .Stitch curved sides leaving the other side to turn to right side and stuff.stuff it with fiber and stitch.
7) Now it's just assembling all the parts. Stitch the beak to face  and face to body and legs to body.
8)Stick the eyes to head.
9) Now connecting it to the wooden stick is something that needs bit of carpenters skill.Oh no no don't worry nothing much(you can get carpenters help if he is available).Take 2 woods and attach it like cross and nail it.Take a thick nail and make a hole it the end of each sides of the wood so that you can tie the wire.
10)last thing to do is attaching the wire to legs using stitching needle and tie it to the wood.

 Now that our OSTRITCH is done.. All we have to is just twist the wood to sides to make the OSTRITCH walk and Have fun with kids .