Though this is a expensive work its my favourite. Learnt this from Jayashree aunty in Egmore(now she is in shenoynagar).Actually she was the first person from whom i learnt my very first craft work(apart from my school craft class) with ice cream sticks ...

This picture was made for my sister-in-law. My other works are with my dad. planning to conduct tanjore painting classes..so will soon post either photos or videos and method soon.
Plywood(water proof)
Yellow oxide
Bombay chalk and french chalk
Arabic gum
Gold foil
Poster colour Paint
Round brush-0,00,000,1,3,6
Flat brush-2
Yellow carbon

1)Remove starch from the cloth ( soaking it in water for 1 hr and then dry the cloth).
2)Take 60 ml(approximately)Fevicol and mix it with 1/2 cup water well (to get milk consistency)
3)Dip the cloth in this fevicol paste and squeeze it.Repeat this process 5 to 6 times(so that the cloth absorbs and gets coated with fevicol well)
4)Squeeze the cloth slightly and stick it on the plywood board.
[To stick:- First stick cloth one one side of the board well and then pull the cloth on the opposite side well and stick the cloth well. Use palm to remove the air bubbles and wrinkles by pressing the cloth from center to the edges.]
5)Now stick the third side and fourth side in the same procedure.
6) Pour the remaining fevicol-water mixture(if left out) on this board and spread out evenly.
7) Dry this board in Sun till dry.

check for the more methods soon....


  1. Looking forward to your video tutorial.the one on glass painting was good :)

  2. easily understandable.looking forward for ur tanjore painting instructions

  3. this is really really nice and i really want to learn this. i live in USA. hopefully matierials are available here. pls let me know where are the instructions for the glass painitng. video one... pls let me know. thanks

  4. pls let me know whether the materials are avilable in michealsor joann or hobby lobby. pls let me know whether gold foil, chalk powder is avilable is avilable in USA.. pls let me know and thanks for all ur help.

  5. Pl mail me d proportion of chalk powder and french chalk powder to shubhada.d@rediffmail.com

  6. Can we use stretched canvas instead of the initial process of getting the board ready?

  7. Hi anonymous, sorry for late reply, I am not sure about stretched canvas as i havent tried with that. As far a proportion is concerned baobay chalk 5 and french chalk 2.And sorry will post method very soon.

  8. Hi Thanks a lot for the procedure.Can you tell me in the way to make embossing Gum and relif work gum? .In what propotion should I mix arabic gum and chalk powder?

  9. @anonymous..1 tsp chalk and 1/2 tsp gum.