Isn't it cute ?!! When i was browsing through you tube i happened to find a video on Paper Hat and i was so very attracted and also the materials needed were readily available once ... yes , Trash.... news papers and a stick or string.So i tried it immediately and it came out well may be it might not look perfect but good for first try :)

  •     Pencil and Scale to measure and cut the paper.

  •  News paper cut into strips (i did not actually follow the measurement given in the video. I used 3" width and 16" length.Basically length of the paper will determine the size of our hat.The length of the strip has to be about 1 and 1/2  to 2 inches less than the stick or string we have.

  • Scissors to cut
  • Glue to stick
  • Paint and Brush to colour the hat (optional)
  • Varnish to give nice finish and also protects from insects(optional and did not use )
  • String /kambi or Stick to roll the paper.

  • Small cup  as temporary base


  • Roll the Paper strips around the String. 

Roll about 50 papers.(Actually 50- 100 were told in the video and I rolled about 90 and made 2 hats.)

  • Take 5 rolls and place horizontally and place another  rolls vertically and start weaving .

  • Continue 4 more rolls similarly
  • Now take one of the end rolled paper and turn it and start weaving other side

  • Keep weaving .when this paper ends apply Glue either on this or on new paper roll and insert it to this roll.

  • Now keep the cup as temporary base and continue

To get the Hat shape.and decorate or colour as your wish.
Ummm.. forgot to tell about ending.Insert the left over  ends inside the hat weaving and cut the extras ...

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