This is another Glass painting which i finished recently.y dad had brought this during his last visit 2 yrs ago... but i completed it only now :D
Actually to be frank this is a pre- sketched one. since he couldn't find my craft materials he got this from stores. and pavam he did not know what else to buy for glass painting.. so he got the pre -sketched aalai Krishna , this Kan thrushti pillaiyar(protector from evil eyes :) ) and radha Krishna(which is yet to be completed.
Anyways though we though we get these pre- sketched ones in store we can do this from scratch and here is the procedure.(my works done like this are in India and they are really big.)
Glass out liner pen black color(thin and if possible water proof)
Varnish(only if you don't get water proof pen you will need this)
Acrylic colors including gold.
Stone colors(or you can use normal colors)
Brushes different sizes
Water- to wash brushes
Rag cloth - to wipe brush
and last but not lest carbon paper(i prefer yellow carbon)to trace on paper.
and that's it....
1)Trace the picture on the paper or use original picture.place the glass on the trace .
2) Draw the out line using out liner.
3)Apply varnish on the picture(If using water proof pen you don't have to do this)
4)Apply the stone colors first . then apply the gold and then the rest. and last the background.
And your work is done .just have a good frame and hang it and appreciation from people is all yours :)
Happy Crafting :)

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