Its Navaratri time....Golu... one of kids favorite festival... mine too....We used to have 7 steps in our golu and our golu was considered as one of the best in shenoynagar area(chennai)we used to have mountain ,village... farms... which will gradually lead to a town... shops.. zoo.. park.. playground... and other hand made creative things too.OH!it used to be so beautiful(will try to get the photos from chennai and upload them)

Once ,one of our family friend , who came to see us took the photo and also sent our golu for a golu competition....i think that was a bad idea....after that my mom fell very ill and passed away and we could not keep such grand golu after that.

After marriage i used to go to my dad's place and keep golu. (since my mil has not kept golu,but her inlaws used to i believe)so after 2 yrs i just kept kalasam for golu in our place... and now here in US this is my first golu...my hubby, who usually say..."craft is a waste of time"created this beautiful stand for our golu.I never knew the creative side of him.

He used Glue,cello tape,saw and card board packing material that came with the wooden blinds that we got for our house .

He cut the card board 7 inch pieces 4 for the first step and 13 inch (4 pieces)for second and 19inch (4 pieces) for the third.Length was 30 inch (3 pieces)and width was 7 inch (6 pieces)

He first glued the steps separately and then used cello tape to make it more firm.

Isnt it so beautiful....

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  1. hi ,

    this is really nice and simple... will usually try it for navratri.. as i am also in US i was wondering what to do for golu padi.. thanks for the post.... by the way do u take classes? i am interested to take classes from you. i am based in dallas...:)pls let me know