Glass colour
Glass Liner
palette-to mix colours
Tissue paper- to clean
Water- to wash the brush
Cello tape - to stick the pattern
Scissors- to cut cellotape


1)Stick the design to a clean glass with cello tape.
2)Draw the out line of the design with the liner.(i made a cone and filled it with liner,since it is easy to hold and also i prefer to have a thin outline)And let it dry.
3)Now fill in the desired colours using the brush.(dip the brush and just drop the pain and spread it little by little with the tip of the brush.DO NOT paint like normal painting)
4)Let the paint dry and the frame it.

NOTE:There r 2 varieties of liners and colours :water based and solvent based.never use solvent based colour/liner along with water based colour/liner ie., if using water based liner use water based colours. There r opaque colour and transparent stain glass colour. if u c the first photo it was done with transparent colour(except the body)and framed with crushed aluminium foil underneath, while the second painting was done with opaque colour.
i am not able to upload my video here... so click HERE for my demo


  1. thank you somuch..its really informative

  2. hi ,

    u are amazing. ... ua re really great where are u located in US? i would like to take classes from you. i am based in dallas.. pls let me know. i arelly appreciate you so much and u know many things. i would really like to learn from you.... thanks a lot. i am awaiting for ur replies...:)

  3. Hi,
    Just happened to come across your blog. Very good blog & your video demo on glass painting is excellent. I would like to know where do u buy glass colors & glass liners in the US? I mean could you give me the brand name which you use? Do you get it at Michaels/ Jo-Ann Fabrics?
    Thank you for your time & response in advance.

  4. hi jayashree .sorry for the response.yes we get in AC MOORE,MICHAELS and Even in WALMART. Dont know abt Jo-Ann. I have used PLAID(Gallery Glass).Thanks for ur comments.