This decorated pen holder was done using salt box and maida salt dough.Learnt the recipe from one of my friend Priyanka .This is very simple.


salt-1 cup
oil-1 tbs
water- little


1)Mix salt and maida along with oil using little water.(be careful when adding water as salt with letour water when kneading)
2)knead well to make nice dough.(just like chappathi)
3)Make any desired shape and bake it in conventional oven at around 250. Baking time will varie according to size and thickness of the work.
4)When done cool it.
5)colour it .

NOTE: This dough can be made and kept in a plastic cover inside Fridge for about a 1 month.


I made a very simple flower with this dough. We can make similar flowers with Mseal,ceramic,chalk powder,bread powder etc


  1. Hi I was very keen to learn this really thanx for posting the receipe and the method to make the dough flower and espl the vedio. I just wanted to know whether the flower or the things would smell or get damaged by insect in long term? Thank you

  2. Thanks divya. No nothing happens to the dough. it dosnt smell or no insects till now its been more than 4 months. if u have any doubts may be u can add a pinch of some insecticide.

  3. Is it ok if we sun dry the finished product...I dont have a oven at home...Or there any other method...

  4. yeah u can but it takes long time.

  5. hi I tried to make the flowers like urs from salt dough but mine was so soft that it could not be kept still... what should i do.. tell me this also that u sticked the flowers after baking with what glue?? if i make a flower on the wire should i first bake the flower or should i insert the wire and then bake it?? so confused... then one more question when we make a wall hanging or photo frame its base should be salt dough or cardboard.. no idea plz help

  6. did u add water? how much? if u have added water more then the dough will become soft.Salt will let out water when u start mixixng it with maida ,u will hardly need water.(may be just a bit to sprinkle.)(sorry as i dont have much time these days i am not able to upload video for this)we can used all purpose glue.if in india fevicol.its not possible to insert wire after baking. not sure if its safe to bake with wire in oven(havent tried). reg wall hanging it can be on anything.

  7. Thanks for the Video dear. Will take this project with my little one.

  8. ur works looks amazing i have no oven what can i do to bake

  9. hi balaji. thanks. Guess u can dry it in Sun,

  10. hi, guess wht...i used ur salt dough flowers idea and made cake toppers with that for was a hit idea...
    i made toppers for baby shower cakes..
    It worked really well.Thanks

  11. nice wrk...loved it very much...

  12. hi,
    nice tutorials.thaks for sharing

  13. I would like to know which paint did u use.

  14. hi anonymous,
    Sorry for late reply.I used water colour.U can use any paint.