This is a very beautiful work ,which i learnt from chellam aunty.When u see this painting it looks like a embroidery work and no one would believe it is a painting.
This work is very simple to do but we need lots of patience.


Felt cloth with or without design
Oil paint
Nib(1 or 1 1/2 and leaf nib in India, in US -calligraphy nib size-b3 or b5 and leaf nib. See my
demo )
Tissue paper


I really don't know if i can write the method clearly.This work can be learnt better through demonstration.Any way..let me try my best..

1)Take paint in your finger(i feel this comfortable)and with the nib tip take little paint and make it like a ball(i know this will be difficult to understand ... view
part 1, )
2)Take the ball with the tip of the nib.Make sure that the paint ball is in the center of the tip.
3)Place the nib on the design outline and drag the nib. u will get a loop something like 'n'.
4)We have to keep filling the design with these loops... view
part 2
5) For leaf, paint thick layer of paint on the leaf design and with leaf nib scratch to get veins...view
6) clean up the cloth after completing with kerosene dipped in ear bud.( i have posted the pic as soon as i completed so the cloth has not been cleaned)

Note: 1)when selecting design try selecting floral or birds ,as they look more realistic in nib painting.
2)initially try the loops on waste paper.

3)One more small piece of advice.. (from of my own experience and my students experience)plzzz don't show to others before completing .this painting take long(appox 10 days) to dry. so be careful...


  1. Hi Friend,

    your Nib painting is great....and I got some ideas how to do it from your NIB painting videos...I'll try it.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to get some more new ideas from you.



  3. Just wanted to know how is relief painting done. Can it be done using epoxy gum

  4. Hi,
    A fantastic work. I like nib painting and I have tried twice. Both the works were good. But had some confusions in mixing the colors. After seeing your video its really very helpful.

    Best wishes.

  5. bindu its done using mseal or ceramic powder or plaster of paris etc . its the same as mural

  6. Hi,
    first i say thanks to u,ur blog is verynice,i got many ideas,i did salt dough,it came very well,can u show how to make mural painting thru video.
    from nasreen

  7. Sure nasreen, here in US i dont have access to art shop so i will try to make a video as and when i get the materials.
    thanks for ur encouragement,

  8. Hi this is a good work! Visit my site too and leave ur comments. widh to add you in my blog.

  9. great work............have nice talents...

  10. It's great to see such careful instruction.Thank u swapna.

  11. Hi its great to see your blog and your videos :)
    I do a lot of art and crafts my self, but I always get material from India, can you please let me know where exactly did you buy the nib painting nibs here in U.S? and is the B-5 or B-3 nib same as India's round nib we use for flowers? Thanks a lot for the help... Do have a look at my work here:

  12. Hi sree Vidhya, thanks or visiting my blog. Ur input matters a lot to me :)
    As told in video I bought the nib in AC Moore . It may be available in all art stores as it is calligraphy nib. Yes it's round nib that we use for flowers . Different sizes and 1 leaf nib too. But it's calligraphy nib set . The sales lady thought it was for calligraphy and was amazed when she wa told it's for painting:)

    1. Thank you for the prompt reply!!! really appreciate it :) I take classes for art's and Crafts here and as I told you I ran out of the material from India. I was looking for them at Michaels but they did not have the B-5 size. Found a few at Amazon, I will order from there and see if they are the same...Thanks again!!!

  13. Thank you for sharing.It has been long time i did this,your video helped me to get in touch the right way.I finished a painting but i'm not sure what they call in USA for box lamination generally we do in India. Can you please suggest me how do i frame this.

  14. Nice one Thank you for sharing

  15. Hey wer can I find d nibs for nib painting..need it urgently

  16. HI Akruti, In India u get in any art n craft shop. In US too u get in art shop like AC Moore, Hobby lobby other countries have no idea but must be the same. I. Other countries and US it's called as calligraphy nibs. Hope this helps.