This is my all time favorite work.Very easy work.This was done using m-seal and plaster of paris. we can also do this using chalk powder , ceramic powder etc.


Hard board/plywood
M-seal/plaster of paris/chalk powder
Oil paint or acrylic
Varnish(if u use acrylic)
Gum and fevicol(if u use chalk powder)
Water(if u use plaster of paris)
Tools(nothing spl.. any thing u can get like pen cap, knife, to shape)
Pebbles etc(to decorate)


1) Trace /draw the design to be made on hard board/plywood.
2)Use mixture of chalk powder to do the design. Actually i did the body of the peacock with plaster of paris and then coated with mseal.Did the feathers and stones using mseal.(pebbles can be used for the stones , sand can be used depending on your design)
3)Using pen cap and knife i made the design on the feathers.(u can use anything to make the design)
4)Colour the picture.
5)Apply varnish(if using acrylic colours)

Actually couldn't find chalk powder or mseal here(US)once i find something ...planning to make jarokha :)


  1. excellent mural work ! keep up the good work

  2. instead of M-Seal, u can use polymer clay that is available. But u will need to bake it in the oven to make it hard and durable. Or you should specifically buy "Air-Dry" Clay.
    The polymer clay acts as a very good substitute for M-Seal !!

  3. thanks kamini for ur info.will try to get air-dry clay.

  4. Hi bicks!good work.Do you mix anything with plaster of paris,like water or something else?How do you coat with M-Seal?I have done using chalk powder,it works gr8.Wanted to try using plaster of paris.

  5. Hi very beautiful work. i have a question, do you mix POP only with water. what should be the consistency. like chapati dough? and should then be coated with mseal and make grooves or impression?

  6. Hi nadashree.. nice name btw.yeah exactly. with water like chapathi dough and coat with msealand make impressions.thanks for ur encouragement.

  7. hi bicks its really very nice. do put the picture of some more murals so that v can also try the same. i am very much interested to do these things but dont know how to do it very professionally. kindly help.


  8. hi very beautiful work,as the above 1 said i am very much intrested in doing mural works but dont have much ide.i dont get mseal in my place(gulf) so chalk powder is available.can u tell me how did u get the feather shape?with leaf like structure did u make?r some thing else? want to try this pls helpme.
    thanks in advance.

  9. hey very nice peacock.can u tell me how u did feathers? help me out to try this
    thanks in advance

  10. thanks anonymous. sorry for the late relpy my system was down for abt a month. ummm. made leaf like figure our of mseal and used knife and ballpen back for making the impressions.yeah we can use chalk powder too. make it like chapathi dough.For US friends- here in US we get something similar to mseal called'mighty putty'which can be used for this.

  11. Hey Bicks,
    Actually you can buy chalk powder in any sports store in the US. Personally i love crayola's Air Dry clay. Its very easy to use and the final effect is very similar..!
    I have a video of this technique and I will upload it to my blog soon and forward the link to you.
    Keep up the work..! I love your blog...!

  12. Thanks anjali It would be nice if u can give link to ur blog

  13. Hi wonderful work,wish we could see a step -by step process of your art. Also, can any one tell me as to where I can buy ceramic powder in USA. I have learnt ceramic 3 D paintings, but am not getting ceramic powder in USA.

  14. Also one more question, why is it necessary to coat POP with M seal. Won't POP by itself with oil paint should work too ?

  15. dinny, sorry for late reply. i havnt seen ceramic powder in US. and Mseal on POP....just a coating..sometimes just pop may get cracks so just to on the safer side. thats what the person who taught me said...

  16. hi chandrika ,thanks. This work was done when i was in India .So i framed there in framing shop. If in US we have to go for custom framing which i was told was very costly.

  17. great work. To alternate m seal try using this

  18. hi a great work. i also want to do it but dont know what mseal is called in Australia. i tried to go to various paint shops but they are clueless. can you help me with that

  19. Hi anonymous ,Thanks. sorry for late reply. sorry i dont know what they sell in Australia. here in US they sell some thing like mseal called mighty putty. its actually used to fix pipes or stick things .they will have two dough sort of things one in grey / black other in white. one hardens and other sticks so we have to mix both and make a dough sort of thing its actually epoxy clay i think.hope u can under stand and sure u will find this in ur country but have to know what its called. plz browzw for the thing to find out how mseal or mighty putty looks and sure u will find this in ur country.plz also let me know if u got it it will be useful for me and others thanks :)

  20. hi, very nice mural. can you please share the details of the varnish you use for m seal works?

    1. Thanks for ur feed back Baarathy.Umm... just ask for varnish :) thats what i do in india in craft store or hardware store. if in US look out for clear varnish in any store like walmart, homedepot, or craft stores.