This beautiful but very simple work was done out of waste water bottle and waste board.I saw this in "Art Attack" and tried it . it came out pretty well uh?

Water bottle
Some paint- to paint the boat
Old box or thick note book cover - to make boat
Brush -to paint
Tissue paper
Clear cello tape

3 Toothpicks - for ship's masts

1) Dry the bottle well.
2) Use some sharp material like thick pin (i used a pin)or compass to make a hole on
top of the bottle.(This is to get the scissors easily into the plastic to cut it properly)
3)Cut a rectangular piece(this is the base) and keep it aside.
4)Now to make a boat...cut a piece of cardboard for the base(it should be bit smaller than the plastic piece that has been cut earlier).
5)Now cut out the (2)shape of a boat(like a long pointed leaf on both sides) from another piece of cardboard.
6)Take one of the shapes and just cut out both the pointed ends and glue on the other extra boat shaped piece..... u must have got a boat shape......
7)Now stick this boat on the base(step 3)
8)Now cut top of the toothpicks and punch the big piece into the boat .
9)Now mix up glue with water and use it to paste on small pieces of tissue paper to seal around all the joins .
10) when this dries colour the boat.
11)Now cut sails(triangle shapes) out of paper and glue onto one edge of each sails and stick them to the toothpick sticks(hav eto hold till the glue sticks)
12)Put a tiny dab of glue on the top of each mast and stick thread( can cut of extra when it dries)
13)Last... glue the base of the boat to the plastic piece you cut at the beginning.And put a cello tape to stick this to the bottle.

Simple right?? tried my best to expain.. u can procedure with pictures in "Art attack"


  1. THANKS SOOOO MUCH! I needed to make this for my science project! Helped a lot!

  2. u r welcome jessy. i am happy it helped u. all the very best.

  3. Thanks for the info this makes making a ship
    in a bottle a lot easier.I like to do stuff
    when im bored so this looks really simple.
    Once again.Thanks

  4. This is one thing i have ALWAYS wanted to make!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! Everywhere else i have looked for this you need special wood, glass bottles, ect. THIS IS THE ONLY BOAT IN A BOTTLE THAT I CAN MAKE BECAUSE I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! I highly recomend this to anyone who wants to make one too!!!! Thanks again!!!!!! :D xxxxx

  5. nice blog dear..i too love crafts...have my own page too...have added u to my list

  6. What a fab craft - have featured you on "Water Get Crafty"

    Thank you!


  7. Thanks a lot Maggy :)(Sorry for late reply.)