The bonsai in this picture was done by my student(Nasreen..came as student but soon she became one among my very best friend...Oh! i miss them all).Since my works are with my dad and in laws i requested her to send the photo to have it in my blog.Thanks a lot nasreen :)


Wire- 12 or 14 gauge for the branches and trunk, 24 gauge for leaves,3o gauge to fasten the trunk
Shaded satin ribbon -for leaves
Thermocol -for making fruits and base
Chalk powder or plaster of Paris -to cover
Floral tape -to cover
Bonsai pot
Tissue roll

Acrylic/fabric /oil Paint-Brown/ burnt sienna
Cutting plyer- to cut the wires


1)Cut thermocol in the shape of inner round of the bonsai pot and stick it to the pot to form the base.
2)Cut stain ribbon in the shape of leaves(Number and shape of leaves depends on the size and type of the tree you wish to do).
3)Cut thin wire into small pieces (number of wires needed depends on number of leaves)and cover it with green colour floral tape.
4)Stick the wire to leaves(stick the wire in between 2 leaf shapes)
5)Now cut the thick wire(length and number depends on the size and thickness of the tree). some wire bit longer than others6)Cut tissue paper into long strips and roll them tightly on the wire. (stick the start and end of the tissue strips ).
Then cover it with green or brown floral tape.
7)Complete all the cut wires with tissue and floral tape covering.
8)Now tie all the wires tightly with thin wire .(Arrange these long wires in such a way that some are long on one side and others on the other side. These long once will be used for branches and roots.
)cover it with floral tape
9)Shape some wires as roots and fix the wire on the thermocol ( use some glue to make it strong)
10)Shape some wires for branches and attach the leaves to them.
11)Mix chalk powder, fevicol and little water to make a paste(like paint) and cover the wire(use your imagination to make it look like real tree).
12)Paint the tree with burnt sienna/ brown.
13)When dry apply varnish.
14)Decorate the ground with coloured coir to give a grass look .

Note : Have tried my best to explain the procedure.If there is any doubt i would love to clarify them.

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