Decoupage is a decorative art of cutting and pasting paper onto a surface in different layer or single layer and varnishing it with lacquerer over the surface several times. It actually looks like inlay work.

It can be done on all types of surfaces,like ceramic, country wood ,teak wood, wax etc.

I learnt to make this on wood ,ceramic and wax. What i have posted here is 3D Decoupage using 2 cards.


2)2 similar greetings(with out any glitters)
7)2 flat brush-1"(one for lacquer and other for fevicol),brush-000
8)water colour
9)oil paint just one colour to match ur card
10)white cloth
12) chalk powder
13)rag cloth
15)nail polish remover
16)ear buds

Note: when u paint lacquer sometimes by mistake we might paint it on tiles too so to remove that use ear bud dipped in nail polish remover.


1)clean tiles.
2)mix fevicol with water just good enought to paint.
3)mix lacquer with thinner1:2( too much of thinner will give net effect,too much of lacquer will give foggy effect)
4)apply horizontally lacquer on back of one of the cards and let it dry then apply vertically and let it dry then repeat the same in the front.
5) now take the other card apply horrizontally and vertically lacquer just in the front and let it dry.
6)now tear the edges of this card upwards (unevenly)so that u can c thin white paper.
7)apply fevicol mixture on the back of this card.
8)stick this card on tiles and cover it with white wet cloth(dip the cloth in water and squeeze the water completely) and roll it with belan from inside to towards the edges. This will remove any air locked inbetween.
9)now using rag cloth dipped in turpentine appaly oil paint on the white edges in circular motion. dont worry id it gets inside ur picture as it can be wiped immediately with white cloth.
10)now make dough with chalk powder and fevicol .
11)cut the card picture parts that u want to have embossed effect and with some small blunt tool (like pensil back)shape it by slightly pressing from inside to towards the edge . it will curve the parts.
12) now apply fevicol on this and the place on which this will be stuck . and place a small dough and stick the small part.(HOPE U CAN UNDERSTAND .OH! TRYING BY BEST TO EXPLAIN THRU WRITING)it will be difficult to stick first but will get to know the tech .
13) complete all the parts . and now using 00 brush and water colour paint the edges of the stuck part to match with its surrounding( so that u cant see the cut and stuck place)
14)now apply lacquer horizontally let it dry and then vertically . repeat this 2 more time(horizontal and vertical painitng)
15) now apply fevicol mixture horizontally let dry then vertically 2 times.
16) again repeat step 14 and 15 5 times. this really makes the stuck figure merged with base card .
17)finish it of with the final lacquer and clean the edges.


  1. you explained in very gud way... just wanna know the liquids u told are available in indian market with these names??

  2. hi rashmi,
    thanks.yeah these are available in india . actually i dont know the alternatives that are available in US.

  3. Hey ur blog is so very good....ur so very skilled....Would really appreciate ur talent n patience...