Among the works which i have done this was the most difficult one. Actually difficult because we have to use our strength to give pressure on the tool and emboss the sheet, which i used was bit thick.(The sheets come in different thickness)


Aluminium sheet
Embossing tools
Ball pointed pen

Trace of the design
Blanket or cushion
Golden anti rust liquid
Cotton or ear buds
Cello tape


1)Stick the trace of the design to the four corners of the aluminium sheet using cello tape.
2)Applying force draw the design on the trace. (so that the impression of the design comes out on the sheet )
3)Remove the trace and put dots around the drawn design with the ball pen using force. This dots around the embossed figure will make the art look more attractive.
4)Keep a blanket or cushion under the reverse side of the picture and emboss the picture by pressing hard with the embossing tool. (When it is turned the on the right side, figures will be slightly embossed).
5)When complete, paint the out lines of the pictures with black colour.
6)Dip ear buds in golden anti rust paint and colour. (if the paint is applied thickly it will have a dark appearance. To give lighter shade, mix little kerosene )

Note: Nowadays we get different Anti rust paint comes in different colours.

This one was done using metallic color paint.


  1. really cool ya.. u'v explained it so easily..
    thanks a lot

  2. u'v explained embossing in a very simple manner.. thank u!!!

  3. hi ,
    i wnat to do this. can u pls tell me where u bought all the materials exactly .. i am USA and i want to do this very badly need ur help.thanks.

  4. Nice art work.I do metal embossing too.Where can I find the antirust liquid?

  5. Nice art work.Where can I find Embossing ink?

  6. Sorry for late reply vani.. I am not very sure where we get this but someone told me they get it in ACMOORE.

  7. Thanks shanthi.I am not sure where..i was told we get it in ACMOORE IN US.In India u get in All craft shops.

  8. So lovely.It must have taken a toll on the fingers!Do visit my blog .
    Dr Sonia S V

  9. very nice... i got the paint... tools.. now the thing is i should start... thank u 4 ur instructions..

  10. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for all the details. Will let you know as soon as I try it out.

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  12. your art is wonderful.
    By getting inspiration from you I also thought of doing it.But the problem is that I am not getting the metal embossing tools and the golden anti rust liquid in kolkata.I live in kolkata.
    can you kindly help me in finding the address?

  13. your art is wonderful.
    I have got inspiration from it but I am unable to start the ebossing as i am not able to find the metal embossing tools and especially the golden anti rust liquid .I live in kolkata .can you kindly help me in getting the address of the required materials in kolkata.I really need them.

  14. Thanks Nibedita,
    I will try to get info regrading this from my friends and let u know in couple of days

  15. Are you able to find the names of the shop in kolkata?
    I would be really greatful to you if you can help me in finding the shops where embossing tools and golden antirust liquid can be found.

  16. Hi Nibedita, one if my friend gave me a address. Can u plz visit my cooking Blog and leave ur mail I'd in contacts so that I can send u the address and ph no she gave.I am not sure if I can post ph here.

  17. hi i like ur work even i want to do that but i couldnt get the colour in kolkata.plz tell me the address where i can get the colour and the aluminium sheet.

  18. plz send me the address at my email email id is

  19. hi i like ur work even i want to do that but i couldnt get the Materials in Gujarat.plz tell me the address where i can get the colour,the aluminium sheet,embossing tools.Plz give the better response

  20. hi i like ur work even i want to do that but i couldnt get the Materials in Gujarat.plz tell me the address where i can get the colour,the aluminium sheet,embossing tools.Plz give the better response

    1. Hi Tanvi,sorry for late reply.And thanks for ur feed back.i am sorry I am nor sure where abuts in Gujarat.but guess u can get aluminium and the paint in hardware. Reg tools u can use old ball pen or any blunt things like knitting needle etc.hope this helps ur.

  21. Hello,
    I couldn't find the Anti rust liquid in any stores here in US. I used Metallic Gold spray which was horrible. So please let me know if there is any paint I could substitute for this color?

    1. Hi Wreath,thanks for ur feed back.u can get anti corrosion paint/anti rust paint in Home Depot or u get online in alibaba . Or also use metallic colors not spay but paint.please see my new photo which was made using this paint.